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Our Team | Jessica Steadman, RPN

By May 10, 2018May 11th, 2018Our Team

To celebrate Nurses Week at Albany Village, we caught up with our RPN, Jessica Steadman to ask her some questions about her life at Albany and her passion for nursing.

Jessica Steadman, RPN


RPN since: January 2018, with Albany since 2016

1. What inspired you to get into Nursing?

I have personally wanted to become a nurse from a very young age. I wanted a career that would let me come home at the end of the night feeling accomplished, that I had made a difference in someone’s day, and that the little parts of my job mattered. Becoming a nurse has given me all of those satisfactions and more. Nursing reflects on so many other parts of your life. It teaches you compassion, and kindness, love and empathy.

2. How long have you been with Albany?

I started out at Albany as a PSW 2 years ago, and January 2018 began working as an RPN.

3. What is it that you think sets Albany apart?

I think what sets Albany apart from other facilities is our constant ability to adapt to meet whatever needs our residents require. We not only have both independent and assisted living residents, but we often are able to accommodate people for respite stays as well.

Adaptability and staff that genuinely care about their residents. To a lot of people, a job is a job, here we have staff that think of these residents as our own family.

4. What have you seen retirement living do for people?

Retirement living allows individuals the ability to remain independent but gain the security of having support and assistance in place should they require it. Albany is their home, and we are just guests within in helping out with whatever we can to make their activities of daily living and day go a little easier.

5. What do you think is the biggest misconception about retirement homes?

I believe the biggest misconception about retirement homes is that people believe they will lose their sense of independence if they live in a retirement home, when in fact it affords residents more independence. It allows them to select the level of care they require, and if over time they require additional care the transition is seamless, and the around the clock staff on site provides complete peace of mind, even if you don’t necessarily need them on a day to day basis.

6. In your job, what brings you the biggest joy?

One of the biggest joys of my job is the fact that my family size has grown ten times bigger. You get the opportunity in a retirement setting to really form bonds with your residents. I absolutely love sitting back and listening to stories about when they were my age, and different experiences they went through growing up. Hearing the shock from them when we discuss how prices have changed over the years, seeing the expressions when we follow sports season to season, and feeling the love that they all express to the staff. What gives me joy is knowing I put a smile on at least one person’s face, and that today I made a difference.

Thank you, Jessica for being a smiling and bright light at Albany!