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Our Team | Amanda Thomson, RN

By May 7, 2018May 10th, 2018Our Team

To celebrate Nurses Week at Albany Village, we caught up with our RN, Amanda Thomson to ask her some questions about her life at Albany and her passion for nursing.

Amanda Thomson, RN

RN since: July 2015 

1. What Inspired you to get into Nursing?  

As a child I was in and out of the hospital for surgeries related to issues I had with my leg. Having good doctors and nurses is what made the difference for me, especially as a young child. When I started my nursing education I thought I would like to go into pediatrics, but soon realized geriatrics was my calling.   

2. How long have you been with Albany? 

I started with Albany as an RN in June 2017.

 3. What is it that you think sets Albany apart? 

The thing that sets Albany apart is our ability to adapt to change and meet the changing needs of our residents and prospective residents. Most retirement homes do not step up like we do here at Albany to care for someone as their needs change. Even according to the LHIN when I attended the health fair in March they were very impressed with Albany and wished there were more homes like us. 

4What have you seen retirement living do for people? 

Retirement living gives people a chance to remain as independent as possible with the added benefit of receiving care to meet their specific needs. I have seen people come into Albany with very little independence due to an illness or specific problem and with the help and support of our staff they are able to move to independent living and even sometimes back home. 

    5. What makes you most hopeful about the Retirement sector? 

The thing that makes me most hopeful about the Retirement sector is the limitless possibilities and the ability to be creative in how we do things. 

  6. What do you think is the biggest misconception about Retirement homes?  

There are two big misconceptions I have come across with retirement homes. One on each end of the spectrum: 

  • “Retirement homes and nursing homes are the same thing” – This is not true at all. For one, the process to get into a retirement home is generally much simpler than getting into a nursing home as we do not have to go through the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). Therefore, in most cases we are able to admit people within a few days and in extenuating circumstances have admitted people same day if they are in desperate need. Another big difference is that residents are able to be a lot more independent in a retirement home.
  • The other misconception I come across is, “well at a retirement home they just cook and clean for you and that’s it.” For certain people who are “independent living” this is for the most part true, but we also offer many other services.

7. In your job, what brings you the biggest joy? 

I get the most joy from getting to know the residents. Listening to their stories and reminiscing about their lives, careers and family memories. It is amazing the amount of wisdom we have here at Albany, in one building.  

Thank you, Amanda for all that you bring to Albany Village!