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Albany Retirement Village

Enjoy Friends | Enjoy Independence | Enjoy Life

Albany Retirement Village is a retirement home in downtown Petrolia, Ontario. We strive to provide our residents with the highest quality of life through physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness. We aim to be a respectable community member that is recognized for the highest quality of care, friendly and dependable personnel, and environmental stewardship.

Our Values

Albany Retirement Village - Respect


Each resident at Albany Retirement Village is unique. We strive to accommodate each and every one of our residents’ specific needs.

Albany Retirement Village - Teamwork


We are a cooperative team. At Albany Retirement Village, we support each other by promoting flexibility, collaboration and effective communication.

Albany Retirement Village - Community


We support local businesses and community groups. Building a strong local economy benefits our residents, our residents’ families, and our team.

Albany Retirement Village - Sustainability


We make decisions with the environment, economy and community in mind. We are building a legacy that serves our stakeholders today and always.


Anne Cepek, our mother and grandmother, founded Garfield Rest Home in Petrolia, Ontario in the 1970s. She opened her home to residents so that she could work from home while raising her four children. Residents were integrated into family life, enjoying care, meals and company.

Garfield Rest Home closed after five years of operation and was re-opened in 1981 as Garfield Manor. Anne and her two daughters, Helen and Susan, eagerly assumed the roles of care providers, housekeepers, administrators, and chefs.

In 1995, Helen and her husband Doug opened Albany Retirement Village. In the beginning, the facility was comprised of a combination of 11 rooms and suites for independent living. In 2000, 9 rooms for assisted living were added.

Over the next 11 years, 25 rooms for independent living were added at Albany Retirement Village. Throughout the entire development of the facility, Doug has acted as the general contractor and carpenter to ensure the utmost quality.

Today Albany Retirement Village is a thriving retirement home offering a wide range of services.


“The staff are all very kind and work hard to keep you happy” – Resident Betty D.

“Albany Village is home sweet home” – Resident Helen P.

“At Albany I’ve got to know a few people and I’ve made great friends” – Resident Will C.

“What I love about Albany is the freedom, I can do whatever I want!” – Resident Lyn S.


We welcome people of all ages for respite, convalescent, vacation and palliative stays. Our well-maintained facility accommodates a wide variety of programs and activities to inspire and entertain our residents. We offer progressive care that meets the changing needs of our residents.

At Albany Retirement Village we offer two types of accommodations.

Independent Living
is designed for individuals and couples who would rather eliminate the hassles of daily living in order to spend more time enjoying life. By eliminating cooking, cleaning, laundry and medication management, residents enjoy spending time socializing with family and friends. Medication administration, housekeeping, laundry, meals, 24 emergency lifeline service and social programming is included.  Rooms are unfurnished; design and furnish your room with your personal touch.

Assisted Living
is designed for individuals and couples who require assistance with activities of daily living, medication administration, and holistic care.  Assistance is provided for bathing/showering, personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, and functional mobility (one person assist).  Residents have 24 hour access to an unregulated care provider as well as weekly access to registered nursing services. Rooms are furnished; bringing personal keepsakes make you feel at home.

What We Do


All residents are assigned a resident activated personal device that immediately alerts resident care staff in case of an emergency.

Personal Care

24 Hour Assisted Living residents are assisted with whirlpool and shower, foot care, and activities of daily living.


All residents are served 3 healthy meals daily and snacks.  Attention is paid to special diets.


All residents are welcome to participate in activities such as exercise, BINGO, spiritual services, card parties, and more!


All residents are provided with laundry service. Residents also have the option to do their own laundry.


All residents are provided with housekeeping.


All residents are provided with optional medication administration overseen by registered nursing staff.


We are licensed by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority. We continue to meet the rigorous standards set by the RHRA.

Events & Activities

Albany Retirement Village is located in downtown Petrolia within walking distance of:

  • Drugstores
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Parks
  • CEE Hospital
  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • Victoria Play House
  • Heritage Heights Golf Club
  • Oil Heritage District Community Centre
  • Central Lambton Family Health Team


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